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Endorsement of Commercial Services or Products by UIC Employees

UIC Policy Number: MBM-6100-001

As employees of a public institution, University of Illinois Chicago faculty, staff and representatives are generally prohibited from participating in any testimonials, endorsements or promotions of third-party companies, products or services.

Details regarding this policy can be found at UIC Policy Number: MBM-6100-001.

Procedures for Seeking Exemption Heading link

On rare occasions, it may be in the university’s best interest to publicly testify to the qualifications of a third-party organization or the efficacy of the organization’s products, goods, services, views or beliefs. In these cases, requests for participation by UIC faculty, staff, employees, or representatives must be referred to the UIC Office of Marketing and Brand Management for approval. The senior executive director or their designee will review the request and make a determination in writing.

Requests should be submitted via email to

Factual Information Heading link

Employees may provide factual information about UIC’s use of commercial products or services, or about relationships between UIC employees and representatives of external entities. They may not, however, offer any value judgment about the quality of the commercial product, service, organization or person on behalf of UIC unless specifically authorized to do so.

Use of UIC and UI Health Names, Trademarks, Logos Heading link

Before granting approval for any third party to use UIC and UI Health names, trademarks, service marks, logos, signage, social media channels, and websites in any testimonials, endorsements or promotions, UIC reserves the right to examine a copy of the text, images and context of the project in advance to ensure that it contains no inaccurate or misleading references.

UIC has the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to grant such approval and to deny participation by UIC employees or representatives in cases where the project does not benefit UIC.