Photography is an important component of UIC’s identity, providing perspectives of life in Chicago and showcasing the university’s academic excellence and accomplishments. Marketing and Brand Management's gallery offers you free images and videos to to use in your marketing materials.

You can view the gallery by visiting To request permission to download the files, send an e-mail to

Marketing and Brand Management’s gallery includes images that capture the spirit of the UIC brand. The energy and color of these images showcase the contemporary side of UIC while injecting life new life into everyday scenes.

All campus units should use professional-quality images that represent the campus, its diverse students, faculty and staff and its academic and research endeavors in a positive light. Imagery should feel true to the university. The use of negative space and color is encouraged to showcase UIC’s vibrancy. Has your unit recently completed a photo shoot? Help us grow the gallery and contact to contribute your images.

UIC Photography and Videography

Creative and Digital Services has staff photographers and videographers available on a fee-for-service basis. Services include studio portraiture and on-site event photography and videography, as well as photo and video editing. The department also maintains a gallery of UIC photography that can be purchased. For details, visit

Copyright and Permissions

When working with outside photographers, make sure that all contracts specify that UIC will own exclusive rights to the use of the images. This will allow the images to be used for current and future projects without having to purchase additional rights.

Photo Release

Other than those photographed for news coverage by independent news organizations, any individuals who may be identified by their image must sign a photo release form before they are photographed for a UIC project. The release gives UIC permission to use the photo in any university communication vehicle or any outside medium used to represent the campus. It acknowledges that the signatory understands that the information may be published and shown in public and that there will be no compensation provided for its use.

The law requires that subjects under 18 years of age have a parent or guardian sign their consent. Download a photo consent form.

Note: Obtaining a completed consent form is the responsibility of the project manager, not the photographer, unless specified in the contract or business agreement.

Much more restrictive federal privacy laws apply—with severe penalties for their violation—to the depiction of patients. News media must not be allowed into patient care areas or put in contact with patients except under the mediation of the UIC News Bureau. Contact the News Bureau to obtain an Authorization for Release of Patient Information for Publication or Broadcast form.

Video branding guidelines

All UIC videos should follow the Guidelines on UIC branding for videos. There are separate guidelines for the seven Health Sciences which should adhere to co-branding guidelines set by PGA and VCHA, which use the co-branded logo with a short statement at the end of each video. Contact for access to co-branded logos.