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UIC units, student groups, and registered student organizations can display banners to promote upcoming events and programs or celebrate the university and its mission. UIC banners cannot be used for commercial advertising. Below you will find detailed information regarding banner approval, installation, and removal. If you have questions, contact us.

Guidelines for Displaying Banners

Vertical Banners

Designated light poles on the East and West Sides are equipped with banner bracket systems that can accommodate one double-sided banner.

Vertical banners hang in groups of 4, 6, or 8 in designated locations. Installations with vertical banners run for approximately 2 months, and requests for extensions will be considered.

Horizontal Banners

Horizontal banners are suspended between light poles in the Quad. A single horizontal banner is considered an installation.

A horizontal installation lasts two weeks, the week before and the week of the event announced on the banner. Horizontal banners announcing programs (e.g., Summer Session, Women’s History Month) hang in advance of and for the duration of the program.

Banner Content

Think of a banner as a billboard:

  • Inclusion of UIC logo (and where possible, UIC colors)
  • Limited number of words
  • Arresting visuals

Banner Specifications

A banner should be constructed out of 14 to 17 millimeter vinyl and printed double-sided so that it’s visible from both directions.

Vertical banners should measure 72 by 30 inches. (Please note the new dimensions of the vertical banners—formerly 60 by 30 inches.) The banners should include:

  • Flat-sewn seam hems with 3″ pole pockets top and bottom
  • 2 wind slits or vents
  • 2 grommets on the top and bottom corners of the banner adjacent to the light pole so that the banner can be fastened with wire to the banner hardware

Horizontal banners are to measure 3 by 19 feet and feature:

  • Flat-sewn seam hems on 4 sides
  • Wind slits or vents every 5 feet
  • Grommets on all 4 corners so that the banner can be fastened with wire to banner hardware
  • Grommets every 16 to 18 inches on the 2 long edges

Other banner dimensions:

  • Banners along major East Side thoroughfares at UIC measure 72″ high by 30″ wide.
  • Banners along major West Side thoroughfares in the Illinois Medical District measure 78″ high by 30″ wide.

Acknowledging Banner Sponsors

When a business or corporation sponsors the cost of a banner, only one sponsor name or logo may appear as part of the banner design. It must conform to the following guidelines:

  • On vertical banners, the total portion acknowledging the sponsor, including all graphics and/or words, is to be no larger than 10″ in height and 30″ in width. It may appear at the top or the bottom of the banner.
  • On horizontal banners, the total portion acknowledging the sponsor, including all graphics and/or words, is to be no larger than 36″ in height and 15″ in width. It may appear at either end of the banner.

Banner Approval, Installation, and Removal

Planning Your Banner Installation

Begin planning banners at least 6 weeks in advance of the time they are to be installed. Consult with your dean, director, department head, or advisor on the banner message and design.

To reserve your desired location, complete a reservation request.

If working with an outside graphic designer, the contract should include three rounds of edits. Need a designer or printer? Contact Creative & Digital Services.

Banner Approval

Submit proposed banner message and design to at least 1 month prior to the requested installation date.

After you receive an e-mail confirmation that your banner has been approved, you can order your banner. No substantial changes may be made to the banner message or design after it has been approved; if changes are made, the campus reserves the right to withdraw approval to hang the banner.

Banner Installation

As soon as banners have been ordered, schedule the installation through the Office of Facilities Management. Facilities Management also handles maintenance and removals.

A department-authorized FMWeb requester should submit an online billable service request to schedule these services.

The authorized requester will schedule, track, and pay for all banner services provided by Facilities Management.

When submitting a service request, you have the option to email a copy of the confirmation to yourself and others. In addition to sending a copy of the confirmation to yourself, you should send one to If you do not receive the confirmation form, you have not completed the service request process.

When completed banners arrive, look them over carefully for accuracy and quality of construction before delivering them to Facilities Management. If you spot any problems that will interfere with the timing of your scheduled installation, send a message immediately to

At least one week prior to the requested date of installation, deliver the banners to: Steve Telkamp at 1140 S. Morgan St., 174 Physical Plant Building. The office is open 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

When you drop off the banners, leave your contact information. You have two weeks to pick up your banner before it is thrown away.

Banner Removal

Schedule banner removal using the FMWeb Service Request System.

You have two weeks to pick up your banner from Steve Telkamp at 1140 S. Morgan St., 174 Physical Plant Building. The office is open 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you prefer to have it delivered to your office, submit a request through the FMWeb Service Request System.

Paying for Banners

Cost for banner production (i.e., design and printing) and display (i.e., installation, maintenance, and removal) is the responsibility of the banner applicant. Note: Costs will be shared when possible (e.g., a new banner is installed as one is being taken down in the same location).

Prices vary from one vendor to another. A double-sided vertical banner in vinyl typically runs between $90 and $125. A double-sided horizontal banner costs from $400 to $600.

Cost of Banner Installation and Removal

Prices are based upon carpenters’ time and material and may vary according to the availability of equipment, staffing, and weather conditions.

The following prices are estimates from Facilities Management assuming optimal conditions, including one week lead time, favorable weather, and available staffing. Installation during extreme weather will be more expensive.

Vertical Banners

  • 4 banners: $260.00
  • 6 banners: $390.00
  • 8 banners: $520.00

Horizontal Banners: $100.00 each

Maps of Banner Display Locations

Below are maps of the locations on campus where you can display banners. Please include the area name when completing the application form.

East Campus Maps

West Campus Maps